Sep 29, 2016

The Berzerkeley Live! Variety TV Show format will feature a main house band and a multitude of unique artists (poets, dancers, magicians, singers, rappers, b-boy dancers, jugglers, etc) to be filmed and broadcast LIVE over channel 28 and our

Two Ways to Catch the Show:
1. Participate as audience at the TV studio
Berkeley Community Media
2239 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 
Berkeley, CA 94704
2. Catch it LIVE in studio or over the LIVE STREAM:

Members of the Berkeley Camera Club have been invited to our show with the goal of helping introduce Berkeley Community media to the community through BCC event images. BCC meeets weekly at 7:30 pm Tuesday evenings at Northbrae Community Churc, 941 The Alameda, Berkeley. Club activities range from frequent photo competitions to sharing printed images to hosting outside speakers to field trips. Feel free to drop in!
For more details, visit

Are YOU ready to dive in, be adventurous and splash around with us? We certainly hope so!

Would YOU like to share your talent on BERZERKELEY LIVE?
Contact or call (510) 848-2288 ext. 14

Please join us in support of excellence in artistic expression for BCM's "Berkzerkeley Live! Variety TV Show event on October 2nd from 7:00 -9:00 PM

Talent Showcase: 

Duchess Mermaid Wendy Albrecht

Sophia the Stilt Walker

Karma Raines


Chris Hanlin and Johnny Jones

Peace Tribe: Jaris Dreaming and Stefani Hinkel

and a Surprise House Band ready to knock your socks off! 

Please arrive by 6:30 pm to get seated. 
Admission is FREE AND we are accepting donations!

Come to the TV studio:
Berkeley Community Media 
2239 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 
Berkeley, CA 94704