HELP FIND A NEW HOME FOR BCM! Continue the legacy of Free Speech!

Mar 30, 2018


BCM Must Move! 

Donate Today to Help Keep Free Speech Alive!

We need YOUR help to:
1. Find a NEW LOCATION preferably 3500-4500 square feet, close to mass transit and near Downtown BART
~Do you know any Real Estate moguls that have property in Berkeley and need a tax write off?
2. Relocate when the time comes we will need your minds and muscle to move 
~Be part of the support team 
3. We need your financial support.
~All donations are tax deductible and every dollar will be used to cover the cost of the move and to rent our new facility.
BCM has provided training to thousands of individuals seeking to share their stories and make a difference in the world. Help us preserve this invaluable resource by finding a new home and keep Free Speech Alive!
Contact Brian Scott (510) 848-2288 ext 13