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Mar 31, 2013

Come to a Member Workshop!

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Digital Media & The Law: Understanding Copyrights

Tuesday April 2nd 6-7:30pm

Berkeley Public Library Central Branch, Meeting Room

THIS IS A FREE EVENT Hosted by Berkeley Community Media and Presented by Amitai Schwarts ESQ.

Express Studio (First time Berkeley residents FREE, $20.00 (BCM members), $60 (Non-Members) 1 session

March 28

BCM’s Express studio can be operated by just one person and that person could be you!  Learn how to switch video, monitor audio, and trigger graphics,  all at the same time.  Students will learn the skills and gain the experience they need to begin producing simple shows in our Express Studio.  Taught by Jeff Kimmich


Video Production Workshop 

High School Students Grades 9-12 

Spring Break April 1-5 $200

Monday through Friday 12pm to 4pm 

Write! Direct! Act! Light! Shoot! Students will learn all

aspects of working in a professional broadcasting 

studio and developing shows for TV. This fun-filled 

hands-on class will focus on how to develop, produce, 

write, direct and shoot three camera television programs. 

Students will also have instruction in lighting and 

on-camera annoucing and acting. This class is for all 

students in grades 9-12. No special or prior skills are 

required. All persons are welcome here. 

Taught by Mike Vaughn and Jeff Kimmich

Field Production $80.00 4 sessions

April 3, 6, 10, 13 

Wednesdays 6-9pm and Saturdays 3-6pm

This core class offers hands on training with 3 chip digital video cameras, microphones, mixers, monitors, and lighting kits for your productions shot on location. Learn shooting techniques and use of accessories to produce high quality video and audio. We’ll also discuss equipment safety and check out procedures. Students will be given projects to complete during the class culminating in a final group project. Successful completion of this class will certify you to check out equipment. We will be using the Sony PD-150 and PD-170 cameras. 

High definition cameras have arrived at Berkeley Community Media! This workshop will focus on our new JVC GY-HM100U cameras and will cover everything from how to white balance, focus, expose and record audio to the special considerations of shooting HD. Taught by Jeff Kimmich.

Studio Production $80.00 4 sessions

April 16, 18, 23, 25

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9pm

Make your own TV shows or films in our full-service Large Studio, the biggest studio in the East Bay! Or, choose our simple and easy to use Express Studio which can be operated by just one technician. This 4-part class will show you the basics of all aspects of studio production, from camera and lighting to audio and graphics. Take turns on crew positions as you produce actual shows. Get certified and then it’s your turn to create your own shows. 

Taught by Jeff Kimmich.