Filmmaker Boot Camp for the short film

May 20, 2016

Filmmaker Boot Camp for the short film: June 6th, 13, 20th, 27th 6-9 pm $80

Taught by Michael Vaughn and Moby Theobald 

Writing The Short Film: Focus on the story, character, structure, and formatting. Lessons on writing a film you can actually shoot and finish in just 48 hours. We'll look at genre, style, tone, mood, archetypes, realistic characters, believable dialogue and encouraging your original vision and voice.

Preproduction: Focus on getting ready to shoot the film. Thinking about locations, props, talent, crew and most importantly; time management!  Lessons on making a storyboard and a shot list and developing a relationship with a producer, Director of Photography, 1st Assistant Director and a Script Supervisor.

Shooting the Film: Focus on collaboration with all the crew to get your shots.Lessons on working with actors to get the best performances, working from the shot list and storyboard, being flexible, and most importantly: Leadership. 

Sound and Music Libraries: Focus on sound and music resources for the short film.Lessons on time management for cutting the short film. 

$80 for this four part class: each session is three hours. Materials included. Please call the station to RSVP (510) 848-2288

Thank you!