BCM Board Meeting Monday March 14th 6:30 pm

Mar 11, 2016



Monday March 14th, 2016


  1. Call to Order:  Dr. Angela Smith, Chair    6:30pm


- Chair Opening Statements – Follow Up and Follow through…”It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” -Zig Ziglar (personal development trainer)


  1. Minutes Approval (From February 2016)

  1. Public Comment(s)

  1. Staff Report: Brian Scott, Executive Director

  1. Overview of Operations for 2016
  2. Classes for new Tricaster – Progress Report (Hands On)
  3. Updates on list of things to do that the public has communicated to Staff and Board as action items – Progress?
  4. Guidelines for Tricaster (printed?)
  5. Equipment and studio reservations – Progress?
  6. Website Progress

    Business Manager Report: Don Bauer
  1. Business Updates
  2. Budget


  1. Board Reports

Old Business:


  1. Board Retreat – Dates and Location
  2. Outreach Materials, brochures?

New Business


  1. Fundraising ideas put on the table as Action Items – Leo Report on Fundraiser for April

Closed Session for Board Members for Action Items Discussion


Adjourn (Should not run after 8:30p.m.)