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Berkeley Community Media (BCM) is seeking passionate people to join our Board of Directors. You don’t have to be an Oscar-winning filmmaker—we’re looking for a diversity of directors to share their professional expertise. We encourage diversity and actively seek to compose a board, which is a reflection of the community it serves.  The BCM Board has a particular need for individuals with backgrounds in law, fund development, capital development, human resources, grant writing, and community relations.

Serving on BCM's Board is a way to give back and help keep our centrally located, easily accessible, and low-cost professional production facilities and equipment accessible to the Bay Area. Board responsibilities include transparency, inclusivity, fundraising, and consensus orientation to actively participate in the planning and decision-making on behalf of BCM. The most important job of being a board member is steering BCM towards a sustainable future, while establishing and maintaining our mission.

Here is a timeline of the voting process and deadlines for submissions for all members:

BCM Board Election Time-line

Initial notification of elections sent to membership

November 6th

Deadline for petition and nomination

December 4th

Ballots sent out to members - voting begins

December 7th

Member record date (members as of this date are eligible to vote)

December 21st

Deadline for return/submission of ballots

December 23rd

New Board announced at First Board meeting of 2018

January 8th

Berkeley Community Media Board of Directors Nomination Request

We invite you to join us for the next board meeting. Board meetings take place on the second Monday of each month starting at 6:30 pm 

Bring your expertise to BCM to help us continue to provide services to the community. Fill out the form below and bring it in for consideration by our current Board of Directors.

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Berkeley resident? _______            If not, city of residence? _______________________

Why do you wish to be considered for a directorship?

Areas of relevant expertise (e.g., fundraising; legal; financial; secretarial; parliamentary; media; other non-profit):


Previous or current similar experience:

Other remarks:

I am ready, willing and able to: attend monthly meetings; serve on committees; strive for due diligence in all Board-related matters as well as represent BCM under its by-laws and according to its mission and purposes. I further understand that I will be interviewed by the Board’s Nominations Committee.


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