What is BCM all about?

Berkeley Community Media is a media production haven for amateur and professional filmmakers, television producers, citizen journalists    We are a P.E.G. access television media center living right in the heart of Berkeley, California!  BCM's primary goal is to provide residents of Berkeley and beyond a space to learn how to produce media as well as share it with their community! Our television channels are on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, cablecasting voices from all over the San Francisco Bay Area! Look for us on Channels 28 & 33 on Comcast Cable in Berkeley, on Channel 99 via AT&T uVerse, or on the web!

Watch our orientation video below to learn more:

Our Mission Statement

The PEG of PEG Access stands for Public, Educational and Government Access. PEG Access was started to create a non-commercial forum for local citizens, educational institutions and government entities to exercise their first amendment right of freedom of speech. Pursuant to Section 611 of the Communications Act, local cities and municipalities, or franchising authorities, may require cable operators to set aside channels for public, educational, or governmental ("PEG") use.

The objective of Berkeley Community Media (BCM) is to strengthen our community through increasing and enhancing communication among its residents. BCM exists to provide Berkeley residents and organizations with the tools and training needed to effectively communicate with one another and with our schools and governmental bodies through the use of television and other electronic media. These resources provide community members with a non-commercial forum for ideas, opinions, information and creative expression originating at the grassroots level.

BCM does not select nor censor programming. It is the local residents, organizations, schools and government bodies that determine what information is important to share with the community. The rules and procedures outlined below are designed to ensure that resources are used only for intended purposes and that all who wish to participate have an equal opportunity.  

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