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Berkeley Community Media proudly offers media empowerment courses in Editing (Adobe and Final Cut Pro X), Field Production (Basic: Panasonic AG AC130 HD and Advanced: Sony FS5 4K), as well as Sling Studio (A portable studio system where cinematic cameras or phones are used to send wireless signal to iPad for live switching). 

Imagine having access to everything you need to create a film, capture special community music and entertainment events as well as conduct professional interviews on location. 

Our basic certification courses include:  Basic HD Field Production, Advanced 4K Field Production, Sling Studio, and Editing.

Our other occasional workshops include: Story-boarding, Screenwriting, Interview Techniques and On-Camera Acting. 

Learn how to produce anything from Short or Feature length films to TV talk and entertainment shows to Non-profit public service announcements and training videos for organizations and government agencies. 

Open collaboration and production support means if you dream it up, we can teach you how to produce it!  Check out the list of certification courses and workshops to see what best fits your media needs.


Let us produce your in-house training videos, important interviews, conferences, graduations and other special events.                                                    Contact Executive Director Brian Scott brian@betv.org to get a quote. 

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Basic Field Production 

Do you have a film project you want to shoot on location? What about a great speaker at your local church? Or, your favorite open Mic scene? Take this class and gain access to all of our professional equipment. 

In just two classes you will learn how to create a finished video with all professional equipment: High Definition Panasonic cameras, Dracast LED lighting kit,  C-Stands with Flags and reflectors, Audio equipment: Sennheiser shotgun, lavaliers, SM57, SM58 mics.

Learn how to properly mic, stage and light your subjects creating powerful images to further tell your story.

2 Sessions $80 Taught by David Flores

February 23rd and 24th 5-7pm

*Vaccination card or negative Covid test and mask required

**Classes held at the Maudelle Shirek Building (Old City Hall) 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way


Advanced Field Production

Learn to use this beautiful cinematic camera. Complete training on use with various lenses, 4K, slo-mo and other basic features.

Special Atomos Ninja 4K HD recording monitor training included.

*Prerequisite Basic Field Production

2 sessions $80 taught by David Flores 


Classes held at the Maudelle Shirek Building (Old City Hall) 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way



Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is a highly sophisticated editing application that introduces brand new, groundbreaking tools.  

Adobe Premier is fast becoming the industry standard for TV producers and filmmakers alike. 

Berkeley Community Media is proudly offering certification in both these disciplines.  Check upcoming dates for the one that appeals to you.

You will learn professional techniques like how to organize and lay down content on the time line, add titles, credits, effects, color correction, audio enhancement and dynamic transitions. This new version has customizable, re-callable work-spaces, powerful, new audio organization tools and you can add audio fades with one click.

Tell YOUR story, YOUR way.

3 sessions $120 Taught by David Flores

Adobe Premiere Pro:


Final Cut Pro:


*Editing Classes limited to 6 students.

**Payment is due in advance to secure seat in the class)

Classes held at the Maudelle Shirek Building (Old City Hall) 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way



Sling Studio Workshop

The industry's first portable wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform and video switcher. Record and live-stream to YouTube, Facebook & Custom RTMP. This is the solution to the problem of filming on location and having to spend hours syncing footage in order to get your content out to the world! And, because it can live stream even using a phone as a hot spot, you can successfully record festivals with interviews including text and transitions using the iPad as the live switcher.

You don't just have to dream it, you can be it!

2 sessions $120 Taught by David Flores

Dates TBD


Screenwriting Workshop

This workshop will introduce participants to screenwriting for film and television. The workshop will cover the proper formatting; the aspects of story structure; character development; use of conflict; and dialogue. There will be in class writing challenges as well as writing assignments to be done for the following classes. This workshop is designed for participants with some knowledge of film or television production. 

Meja Tyehimba, Instructor 5 Sessions $60

Dates TBD

The success of this class was amazing.

Please keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. 

MEJA TYEHIMBA, Writer/Producer/Director, is a published author, playwright, screen writer and filmmaker.

  • Her four short films: When Least Expected, Cantaloupe, In The Key of D and Life premiered at the Queer Women Of Color Film Festivals in 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014.
  • Her plays include “Sketches From A Black Girls Diary; I’m Ev’ry Woman; Real, Kids Game;, Y and The Griot were produced in New York with the exception of The Griot, produced in SF.
  • Written several feature screenplays: How Deep The Cut; Gemini; Jitterbug Rabbit And His Friends and The Last Kiss.
  • Taught Acting, Stage Crafts, Playwriting and Film Production for all age groups and cultures, here in SF, DC and NY.
  • Member of the Queer Women Of Color production team and the head of AriSata Productions.
  • Currently working on her first documentary Tradition-Fear-Courage, the plight of an OUT Saudi Arabian gay man.



Occasionally, we offer various television production, filmmaking and motion graphics classes including: 

  • On Camera Acting
  • Script to Screen Production 
  • Photoshop for Animation
  • Studio Directing
  • Studio Audio 
  • Studio Lighting
  • DSLR Film Production
  • Film Maker Boot Camp

Become a member now and join this wonderful community of media makers. Questions? Call us at 510-848-2288.