Submit a Show

Want to submit a show for playback on our television channel B-TV 28 in Berkeley, California? 

It's easy!

  1. Sign up and pay for a membership on our website, or come into our offices during business hours.
  2. Fill out a Cablecast Form available in our office during regular business hours (1:30pm - 9pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday 11-5pm)
  3. Drop off your DVD in our Creative Cafe Lounge with the Cablecast Form.  
  4. Make sure your DVDs are burned on high quality DVD-R discs or PC hard drive or thumb drive with mp4 or .mov format.  Now with our new system, your content can run 30 seconds to 1 hour 20 minutes and anything in between. Please only one program per DVD is allowed.  
  5. Wait approximately two weeks and we'll put your show on the air. 

All programs submitted to Channel 28 for broadcast will simultaneously be available on demand via our website for instant playback. Programs are aired on a random basis, with adult content limited from 11 pm-5 am due to cablecast regulations.   

We do not assign specific time slots to producers any longer, but you may request days and times you would like your programming to air. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 510-848-2288 x13.